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Preventing Heat Stress in Cattle

With summer in full swing, it's important to keep your herd's overall health in mind. Now is the time to...

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Preparing for Fly Season

Fly season is an ongoing battle with your cattle, do you know how to prepare & protect your herd? Fly...

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Best Purina Antlermax Product to Use

What's the best Purina AntlerMax product to use? One question we often see is, what is the best Purina Antlermax...

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Special Attention First Calf Heifers

First Calf Heifers are the future of our beef and cattle operations. By the time we make those selection decisions,...

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Purina Wind and Rain Mineral Testimonial

Thinking about trying Purina Wind and Rain mineral for your cattle herd? Check out this testimonial below. "Over the years...

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Feeding Laying Hens Treats

Feeding Laying Hens Treats Are you feeding laying hens treats? We all love to treat our laying hens we have...

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