Preventing Heat Stress in Cattle

With summer in full swing, it’s important to keep your herd’s overall health in mind. Now is the time to create a plan to overcome and prevent heat stress in cattle. Follow the tips listed below to prevent heatstroke and heat stress in your cattle for the next few months.

    1. Check water. Ensure your cattle have access to plenty of water; it’s the most essential nutrient for overcoming heat stress.
    2. Use fly control products, like Purina’s Wind & Rain with Fly Control. Cattle herds that have fly issues tend to group together. Implementing a fly control program means your herd will spread out.
    3. Do not work cattle during times of heat. Work them early in the morning to avoid peak heat times.
    4.  Offer plenty of shade to your herd. Make sure your cattle have the opportunity to get out of the heat and stay cool.

Crockett Farm & Fuel located in Crockett, Texas is proud to be your local Purina dealer. Stop into our store and speak with a member of our staff for more information regarding fly control products or other tips on preventing Heat Stress in Cattle.

For more information on beef cattle strategies, please check out Purina’s official website here.

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