Feeding Laying Hens Treats

Feeding Laying Hens Treats

Are you feeding laying hens treats? We all love to treat our laying hens we have in our backyard, but one thing we need to think about is, how do we treat our chickens? Or, even should we? So, on a daily basis, your laying hens need, at minimum, 90% of their total daily diet in a complete feed and no more than 10% of their daily diet in a treat. Your treats should never be more than 2 tablespoons every day.

So, this is a great way to look and see if you’re on the right track if you do want to treat your hens. Now, one thing to remember is that you never want to feed your young, growing laying hens (less than 18 weeks old), any kind of a treat. They really need to stick with the start and grow diet to grow as healthy and strong as they can. So there’s a whole list of healthy and non-healthy treats that you should know about.

So, come on down and see us. Crockett Farm & Fuel is your local Purina dealer and we can help you put together a great nutritional program for feeding laying hens treats. Be sure to watch the video below for more information.


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