Special Attention First Calf Heifers

First Calf Heifers are the future of our beef and cattle operations. By the time we make those selection decisions, get them developed, and bred, we have a lot of time and money invested. Obviously, getting them ready to be re-bred is the hard part and important financially. One thing we can do is separate the First Calf heifers from the mature herd so we can provide the best quality forages as well as supplemental protein and energy nutrition.

If you are interested in how Purina Accuration Ration High Fat Products (including Purina Accuration Range Supplement Feed, Accuration Finisher 44, or Accuration Balancer 26) can help your First Calf Heifer re-breeding rates, come see us at Crockett Farm & Fuel located in Crockett, Texas.

Learn how Purina Accuration high-fat products can maximize heifer results.



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