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2022 Holiday Hours

Please note the holiday hours for Crockett Farm & Fuel, Lovelady Farm Supply, and Grapeland Farm Supply: Saturday, December 24th:...

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Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

The holiday season is just around the corner and many pet parents want to include the family pet in their...

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Why Are Protein and Fat Critical to Cattle Nutrition?

Protein is a vital nutrient for maintenance, growth, health, reproduction and lactation in cattle. Protein supplies the microbes in the...

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Beyond The Bag

For more than a century, Purina has built connections with producers based on the goal of bringing out the best...

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The True Cost of Cheap Minerals

Quality mineral supplements are an investment in the overall performance of your herd. Balance and bioavailability Balance is key when...

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Fortify Lifelong Immunity Through Nutrition

A key to healthy cattle? Look at what you feed them. Purina can help you fortify lifelong immunity through nutrition....

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Your Keys to Fall Calving

Cattle condition and comfort are your keys to fall calving. Spring calving season may be more common, but if you’re...

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Will Great Nutrition Guarantee Trophy Bucks?

Will great nutrition guarantee trophy bucks? Great nutrition will give your deer the opportunity to maximize their genetic potential for...

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Three Reasons for Weaning Calves Early

The majority of U.S. cattle producers will wean calves at around 205 days of age 1, or roughly seven months,...

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2022 – 2023 Texas Hunting Season

Texas Parks & Wildlife released the 2022 – 2023 Texas Hunting Season dates. Check them out below. You can find...

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