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Open for Business: COVID-19 Update

Crockett Farm & Fuel, Lovelady Farm Supply, Grapeland Farm Supply are open for Business. Amid the growing concerns of the ...

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COVID-19 Statement

Amid the growing concerns of the rapidly spreading COVID-19, we understand that life on the farm and ranch goes on. ...

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Hay-Rite Products Available

Hay-Rite products are available at Crockett Farm & Fuel. Choose from: Superior Grade Premium Alfalfa Cubes Superior Grade Premium Mini ...

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Cattle Mineral Booking Savings

Take advantage of great prices and savings on your cattle mineral booking at Crockett Farm & Fuel, Lovelady Farm Supply, ...

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Is Your Cattle Mineral Program Working?

The fuel gauge quickly tells you when your truck needs more gas to keep running, but it’s not that ...

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Save 50% off Home Goods

Crockett Farm & Fuel is blowing out our home goods section, right now you can save 50% off home goods starting ...

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2019 – 2020 Livestock Shows

-2020 Livestock Shows for the upcoming season are right around the corner! The calendar is set for the 2019-2020 Livestock Show ...

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Raising Free-Range Chickens

Consistency is important for free-range chickens. Before opening the backyard chicken coop for the day, offer a complete chicken feed ...

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Cattle Mineral Tips for Fall

Fall is approaching, which means it’s time to prepare your herd for the months ahead. Cattle nutrient requirements vary f ...

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Tips for Collecting Chicken Eggs

Whether you’re new to maintaining a backyard flock or simply have a few questions about regularly collecting chicken eggs, ...

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