AntlerMax Extreme Energy Supplement

AntlerMax Extreme Energy Supplement

Supports body condition of deer so they can reach their optimal genetic potential for antler growth. AntlerMax Extreme Energy is a 30% fat supplement that delivers a great percentage of fat and energy directly to growing tissue to help maintain an ideal body condition. This unique combination of AntlerMax® By-Pass Protein Technology, Mineral Technology, and Nutritional Enhancements culminate in a premium supplement designed specifically for deer.

Features & Benefits of AntlerMax® Extreme Energy Supplement

Diamond V® Yeast
Helps optimize feed intake and digestibility – Diamond V has conducted deer research that demonstrates under some conditions feed intake and forage digestibility were optimized

Enhanced trace mineral levels and ratios
Helps support antler production at an early age digestive system

High-fat content
30% fat from several high-quality vegetable sources to deliver a greater percentage of fat and energy directly to growing tissues and help support body condition

Highly digestible
Over 95% Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN) to supply additional calories to deer without the negative effects of a high starch feed like corn

Increased levels of vitamin D
Calcium and phosphorus utilization helping support antler growth, density and strength

An excellent source of tocopherols and other antioxidants which aid in efficient oxygen utilization

A potent prebiotic that helps support a healthy digestive system


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