Open for Business: COVID-19 Update

Open for business with a full-service gas stationCrockett Farm & Fuel, Lovelady Farm Supply, Grapeland Farm Supply are open for Business. Amid the growing concerns of the rapidly spreading COVID-19, we understand that life on the farm and ranch goes on. We will continue business as normal at this point but will make some changes to our daily operations to better serve you the customers until we are all able to get through this trying time.

A few changes that we will incorporate are providing hand sanitizer stations at and around the counter, doubling up on cleaning more frequented areas (i.e. restrooms, counters and coffee bar).

Some services that we have always provided that you may not have been aware of are local delivery, and or call in orders (you can call your order in, pay over the phone and we will load your feed and bring out your receipt) this allows you to remain in your vehicle.

Also keep in mind that at our Crockett location, Crockett Farm & Fuel we are a full-service gas station, maybe one of the only few left in the country. This allows you to continue to get fuel and not worry about having to touch or handle fuel nozzles that are handled normally by hundreds of people daily and very seldom ever cleaned.

We will immediately implement the procedures at all 3 of our locations Lovelady Farm Supply, Grapeland Farm Supply, and Crockett Farm & Fuel. We thank you for trusting us with your livestock, pets, and farm & ranch needs, and as always we thank you for your business.

Joe Robinson

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