Purina poultry feed provides optimum Nutrition For Healthy Birds And Nutritious Eggs. Purina is Nutrition You Can Trust. Certified USDA Organic. Build Egg Shell Integrit

At Purina, we measure greatness by the animals we feed. It’s what drives our research to maximize the potential of every animal, year in and year out. Because if there’s greatness on the inside, there’s greatness on the outside.

Our expertise is backed by:
90 years of research in animal nutrition
24,000 animal nutrition studies
90+ nutrition scientists, Ph.D. and veterinarians
125 patents approved
235 nutritional solutions for 24 species
No other company matches our legacy and commitment to animal nutrition research.

Purina Start & Grow Medicated Chick Starter with AMP .0125
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Flock Raiser Premium Poultry Feed Crumbles
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Layena Premium Poultry Crumbles
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Layena Premium Poultry Pellets
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Flock Block Premium Poultry Supplement
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