Our Dedication To Nutrition
We love animals and providing them superior nutrition with balanced and wholesome ingredients producing vibrant healthy animals.

TFP Nutrition draws from a vast array of resources to produce high-quality products that balance the nutritional needs of every animal that consume our products. From cubed cattle feed to pelleted or textured horse feed, to natural and holistic dog and cat foods, we are dedicated to producing quality products that meet the high standards of our customers.

We use quality protein sources, wholesome grains, added vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, herbal and botanical ingredients, balanced omegas, and beneficial supplements. We have spent years developing and refining our formulas to maintain the integrity of our products and maximize the health benefits for every animal. Therefore, consumers can feed our formulas with 100% confidence, knowing that­ their animals are getting proper nutrition for optimal health at every stage of life.


Source: http://lonestarfeed.com/nutrition/

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